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Aircraft Cable Manufacturers UK

Aircraft Cables

Frequencia is part of an approved list of aircraft cable manufacturers and installers of leading wires and avionics products. We work internationally with firms to develop and manufacture insulated wires and cables.

Aircraft Cable Manufacturers UK

Precision Wire Manufacturing

We are involved in the various aspects of designing, building, testing and maintaining aircraft parts. We support the aviation industry by building aircraft parts for maintenance across civil and military aviation. Production is completed to type certificates and Defence Standards issued by a government body.

Whether you have a need for an alternative aircraft parts manufacturer or in need of legacy parts no longer supported by the OEM – Frequencia is your new partner.

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Aircraft Cable Manufacturers UK

Our Network

Our network as aircraft cable manufacturers is spread globally across the aviation industry meaning we can meet unique challenges head-on with the constant research and development we achieve at Frequencia. Our products allow you to meet the aircraft cables solutions you might need, whether it is flight critical wiring, airframe or aircraft equipment.

Frequencia has a diverse group of customers that span the aerospace industry, military and research & development units and private sector.

We are proud to have been approved and follow certifications of authority from international organisations.