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Aircraft EMI Testing UK

Aircraft EMI Testing

Frequencia are experts in aircraft EMI testing in the UK and overseas made to minimise risk in design and engineering. We test and resolve hazards that will influence the functionality of an aircraft for flight crews and grounds support.

Aircraft EMI Testing UK

Mitigating Electrical & RF Threats

Our goal is to  eliminate any potential interruption to communication and navigation systems.

We analyse the impact of electrical / RF threats within the aircraft to other equipment. Electromagnetic radiation can spread through currents in electronic systems; however, testing can spot these problems and resolve them.

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Aircraft EMI Testing UK

What is Electromagnetic Interference?

This happens when outside sources interfere with individual devices through electronic discharge. The implications prevent the correct use of devices and compromising in-flight efficiency. Frequencia examines the causes and presents solutions to address these issues. The source of EMI can be produced from a wide variety of reasons. Natural impacts include environmental and thermal reasons, which can be anything from solar flares, electrical storms and radiation. However, these issues can also be man-made where machinery such as mobile networks are hugely detrimental to aircraft electronics.

Aircraft EMI Testing UK

Importance, Impact & Testing

Pulses can occur as short bursts of energy through an isolated event or from reoccurring actions. Continuous interference can act as predictable waves of emission. These EMI examples can both affect the functionality of important devices at different speeds and across many frequencies. The purpose includes:

  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Government regulations
  • Data protection

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