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Aircraft Parts Manufacturers UK

Aircraft Parts

Aircraft parts manufacturers in the UK and overseas involved in the various aspects of designing, building, testing and maintaining aircraft parts. We support the aviation industry by building and maintaining across civil and military aviation. Production is completed to type certificates and Defence Standards issued by a government body.

Whether you have a need for an alternative aircraft parts manufacturer or in need of legacy parts no longer supported by the OEM – Frequencia is your new partner.

Aircraft Parts Manufacturers UK

Approved Modifications

We provide solutions to most avionics modifications and give high-quality service from simple installations to complete panel upgrades. We also work with certified brands and other third-party suppliers using manufacturers STCs with our Part 21 design expertise.

Our team of aircraft parts manufacturers have a multitude of approved modifications that are added to our database for future proposals. This allows quick responses and certification for our customers.

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Aircraft Parts Manufacturers UK

Efficient Avionics Repairs & Certified Services Worldwide

Avionics repairs are completed through our fully approved UK workshop that provides fast and competitive solutions. When required, products may be loaned during repairs on a tailored, project-by-project basis. UK and international repairs can be completed fast and effectively under FAA/EASA certification.

We are approved suppliers and installers for a wide range of manufacturers with warranties for repair services (subject to manufacturers’ individual terms and conditions).