Avionics Expert UK

Our Team of Experts

The leading avionics expert in the UK and overseas with more than 30 years’ experience in supporting multiple airlines with extensive solutions. Frequencia is available 365 days a year; travelling globally to meet our customers technical requirements. Projects are delivered on time, within budget and at the highest quality.

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Avionics Expert UK

Your Trusted Industry Leader

Our team of avionics experts supplies the latest innovations whilst striving to assist our customers to the highest standards. We build custom integration solutions that meet their needs at competitive prices. We maintain our position as an industry leader in design, manufacture and testing for our avionics solutions. We are identified through our in-depth knowledge and specific experience.

Our qualifications and experience combined with our approved status to install, troubleshoot and test repairs for all major aircraft manufacturers and their aviation systems. Our reputation as a leading installed of avionics equipment is proven through our immeasurable customer service around the world.

Avionics Expert UK

Precision Repairs & Upgrades

We provide high-quality repairs and upgrades using state-of-the-art equipment that is installed by or experienced team of approved personnel.

We have the capability to install projects to meet the stringent quality standards expected. By making sure that the avionics solutions that we provide are efficient and trouble-free, we deliver the results promised by us and other manufacturers. We partner with our customers to ensure the job is completed with the knowledge that our reputation is at stake on every project that is undertaken. Final inspection is undertaken by our experts and any discrepancies are corrected before final delivery of the aircraft to the customer.

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