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Avionics Jobs UK


Apply for avionics jobs in the UK and globally at Frequencia. Join our team of passionate people to create innovative products for leading aircraft manufacturers and airlines. You’ll do the best work of your life – and make a difference in other people’s lives.

Avionics Jobs UK

An Introduction to our Processes

Our team of experts work under scrutinous regulations throughout all avionics testing jobs. Primarily a system undergoes test during the manufacturing process. But during this period, it isn’t possible to produce operational tests for legal reasons. Our team members will be required throughout manufacture, assembly and concluding with the final test.

We are needed to perform tests that represent every measurement in the process. And these tests vary when considering function – whether it is commercial or military. For example, during the design and development stage we begin testing temperature variations. Testing in military scenarios is responsible for a significant part of the equipment cost.

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Avionics Jobs UK

Testing for Seamless Integration

Tests continue during the installation under vigorous conditions. These are absolutely required under law as it not out of the ordinary for individual components to work on their own yet operate incorrectly in a system.

Our experts are required to understand the complexity in the most recent generation of aircraft. As the cockpit is now full of electronic components, the need for them to work together under one cohesive system has greatly increased. Simulating these and sub-systems is a necessity to test single components throughout the final setup. Design engineers are required to understand the equipment they are simulating, and how to develop test software that forms part of the project. This is complemented by custom software, math models, custom electronics and physical test systems.