Avionics Manufacturers UK


Our avionics manufacturers in the UK & internationally hold EASA Part 21G approvals providing clients with approved parts worldwide.

Avionics Manufacturers UK


Our avionics manufacturers complete the installations on all manner of aircraft. We provide the manpower required to build the necessary product into the aircraft at any location across the world. Whether the installation is done at the terminal or off-site, each one is completed in accordance with EASA/FAA regulation and the airline’s own operating certificate.

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Avionics Manufacturers UK

Methodical Approach to Quality Installation

We ensure a quality installation by following these steps:

  • Meeting you and airline representatives to outline a clear understanding of the project.
  • Installation kit is set up at specified location.
  • Equipment is procured with required FAA / EASA requirements.
  • Installation team is formed under stringent checks.
  • Management reviews installation kit.
  • Team receives install instructions and safety training.
  • Equipment, installation kit, aircraft and documents are reviewed.
  • Walk-through of entire process by management with team.
  • We ensure every customer fully supported during the installation.
  • Airline personnel and engineers review prototype to make necessary adjustments.
  • All kits individually inspected to ensure the highest quality.

Avionics Manufacturers UK

24/7 Global Support

Frequencia provides 24/7 professional support to accommodate clients from all around the world:

  • Contact for all technical enquiries.
  • Remote or on-site specialist technical troubleshooting.
  • Evaluate in-service events including addressing any reliability issues.
  • Recording and analysing responses.
  • Monitoring in regards to airworthiness issues.
  • Client visits and conferences.

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