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Avionics Services UK


We have built a range of avionics services in the UK and globally, based on our three key principles: Design, Manufacture and Testing. You can explore them in the menus below.

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Avionics Services UK

Industry-Tailored Avionics Expertise

At Frequencia, our avionics solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of your specific industry sector. With a team of experts boasting over 30 years of combined experience, we excel in a wide range of systems, from straightforward electronic flight instruments to intricate computer-based setups. Our specialisation extends to crafting bespoke aircraft wiring and our qualifications encompass installation, troubleshooting and repair of various configurations.

Avionics Services UK

EASA-Certified Testing & Precise Standards

Ensuring your aircraft operates within legal boundaries and adheres to EASA-approved standards is a core focus at Frequencia. We conduct comprehensive tests that meet regulatory requirements, ensuring your aircraft systems function at precise, industry-compliant standards.

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Avionics Services UK

Full-Spectrum Avionics Services

Frequencia offers a comprehensive suite of services to support your aircraft, whether it serves business, cargo, scheduled flights or recreational purposes. We understand the importance of keeping your aircraft in the air. Over time, regulatory changes demand modernisation and our skilled engineers excel at making modifications with minimal impact on downtime. Moreover, our EASA certification spans design, fabrication and testing, offering a wide range of services that encompass avionics packages, flight management systems, sheet metal services (small and large) and mechanical services.