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Avionics Testing UK


We tailor avionics testing in the UK and globally, and support customers across a large portfolio of procedures, both in-house and on-aircraft. Frequencia’s extensive network of resources and partnerships has opened access to specific technical teams and equipment from all over the world. This means we can be incredibly flexible with schedules to meet your deadline every time.

Avionics Testing UK

Radio Altimeter to 5G Interference Testing

There is a major risk that 5G telecommunications systems in the 3.7–3.98 GHz band will cause harmful interference to radar altimeters on all types of civil aircraft—including commercial transport airplanes; business, regional, and general aviation airplanes; and both transport and general aviation helicopters.

However, radar altimeters could be susceptible to RF interference received within this operation band or adjacent or nearby frequency bands.

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Avionics Testing UK

DO-160G, ABD100 & D6-36440 Qualification Testing

DO-160G covers standard procedures and environmental test criteria for testing airborne electrical and electronic equipment (avionics). The tests specified in DO-160G are typically performed to meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or other international regulations covering electrical or electronic equipment that is installed on commercial aircraft.

The tests and test levels/limits found in DO-160G are applicable to virtually every type of aircraft in use today, including small general aviation aircraft, business jets, helicopters, regional jets, and “Jumbo Jets” such as the newest airliners from Airbus and Boeing.

Avionics Testing UK

Ground EMI Testing

Frequencia supplies a wide scope of solutions for electromagnetic impedance and similarity (EMI/EMC) testing. This includes electronic gadgets, parts, subsystems, and frameworks in committed, certified shield rooms and anechoic chambers. Our teams also perform aircraft certification testing (such as safety of flight) on operational production and experimental aircraft and can be deployed around the world.

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Avionics Testing UK

EMI/EMC Chambers

  • Certified shield rooms of various sizes.
  • Anechoic and mode-stirred chambers.
  • Operations with MIL-461, MIL-462, and DO-160 standards.
  • National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program–certified laboratory.

Avionics Testing UK

Aircraft System Testing

  • Safety-of-flight certification.
  • High-intensity radiated field.
  • Production and experimental aircraft.
  • Worldwide deployment.

Our expertise is recognised worldwide and is applied to the civil aviation sector, mainly as a leading supplier of design, fabrication and testing equipment. Whether for original equipment or retrofits, Frequencia provides seamless technical assistance, maintenance and training.