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Production Organisation Approval UK

Production Organisation Approval

Production organisation approval POA in the UK and across the world. Frequencia is a UK CAA Part 21 Subpart G organisation that is approved to manufacture aircraft parts to conform correctly with approved data.

Production Organisation Approval POA UK

Comprehensive Regulatory Approval

Approval is obtained through the regulator of the state of the operator within the EU, and through EASA itself when dealing with third country approval applicants.

Frequencia holds a Production Organisation Exposition (POE) that clearly indicates the structure of our organisation, identifies capabilities and reference procedures within the POE. We verify and release products through EASA Form 1 for individual components.

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Frequencia Ltd.

Quality Assurance

Quality control and quality assurance procedures are developed that fully outline the system processes with POA Production Organisation Approval. Our nominated Quality Manager is responsible for the system, highlighting issues including the management of competence, documentation of the control system, work to be carried out at external locations, maintenance and support, and record / internal audit control.