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TPED Certification UK

TPED Certification

TPED certification in the UK and overseas specifies recommendations for aircraft operators, aircraft manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, and maintenance service providers in how to establish an aircraft as TPED tolerant and how to maintain the TPED tolerance throughout the aircraft’s lifecycle.

TPED Certification UK

DO-363 (DO-294C) & DO-307A TPED Testing

We test against aircraft tolerance to interference from portable electronic devices, including transmitting portable electronic devices.

Frequencia provides standard requirements for interference path loss and aircraft system immunity that can be used to demonstrate PED tolerance as part of aircraft certification.

We look at specific interference path loss targets for aircraft to eliminate the effects of TPED spurious emissions on aircraft radio receivers. It looks into specific RF immunity requirements for the exposed aircraft systems to ensure they are unaffected by TPED intentional transmissions. For aircraft that successfully meet the recommendations in this report, aircraft operators have high assurance that the aircraft systems even in critical phases of flight, will be fully operational.

Testing is independent of the class of aircraft; they apply to small and large airplanes and small and large rotorcraft.

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TPED Certification UK

Build & Support

Our experienced engineers in aircraft TPED testing build and support across a wide range of procedures that are performed both in-house and on-aircraft. Our network of resources and partnerships provide access to test equipment and teams from all around the world, allowing us to build flexible testing scenarios to meet your deadlines and minimise aircraft downtimes.

We make It possible for your aviation fleet to use portable electronics safely and securely over every phase of flight.

TPED Certification UK

Competitive Certification Management

We utilise a multitude of analytical and testing techniques to that support compatibility and supply competitive certification management. Our testing allows for aircraft certification that permits installation of GSM and WIFI solutions. We maintain on-going flight safety assessments for passengers and airlines that make sure electronic devices are safe to use in-flight. Our services are EASA / FAA certified through supplemental type certification.

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