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Updated Testing Capabilities

With great pleasure, we would like to showcase our updated version to enhance our susceptibility testing capabilities.  The team has created this, all with the idea to further make ourselves efficient and offering further capabilities.

The team at Frequencia has created our most flexible test setup to date.  We wanted to design equipment that enables us to offer the best service we can to our customers, we have created a piece of equipment that has enhanced our capabilities.  Along with the need to offer further to our customers, we wanted a design that, helps save costs with the ability to transport our now streamlines equipment more freely.  We can now produce test signals from 100MHz to 6GHz at 50-100 watts output power.  With added built-in signal generators capable of CW and pulse signals or the ability to simply switch and add eternally generated waveforms, for example, 4G or 5G test signals.  All this combined into a single antenna output.

It was great to test the new equipment out on a project we are working on, the equipment worked flawlessly and with even better efficiency than expected.  It truly is a great piece of work by the team.  We are extremely proud of this new test equipment and really feel it offers everything our customers need to complete their work.

If you think we can help you or have any questions at all then please do contact us.

test 1
antenna setup 225x300
Tped setup 225x300